Become the empowered woman God always meant you to be!

Do you want to empower that God-given sassy woman inside?

I can help with that! Here’s what to do next!

Take a deep breath and know you can do this. You’re taking the first step forward, and that is the hardest step. Set aside the doubt, anxiety, and nagging voices in your head. Remember what Martin Luther King said, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just see the first step.”

Before you can take action you have to sort out what God has placed on your heart. I know there’s all kinds of things you want to achieve. Sign up for my e-mail list and get the 5 Day God-Given Goal Challenge. It will get you started on your path to your God-given empowerment!

Want to take those God-given goals one step further? Create an action plan with the God-Given Goals Planning Toolkit. Now that you have your goals laid out, you can use the toolkit to become that empowered wonder woman!

Hi, there! I’m Kelli.

My goal is to help you become more empowered and be the powerful woman God designed you to be.

I wish I could tell you that I’ve spent my whole life feeling super empowered and strong, but I haven’t. It took me years to find my own voice–the one God gave me–and that He meant for me to be a strong women who stood on her own. Strong women shouldn’t be unicorns. We should be everywhere. That’s why I want to take the lessons I’ve learned from years in church leadership, working in the church, and organizational management–plus the systems I’ve developed from those lessons–and help you learn to set your goals, achieve the dreams God placed on your heart, and live your life as the empowered and sassy woman of God you were meant to be! Click here to read more about me and how Sassy Single Saved came about.

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