About Us

About Sassy. Single. Saved.

Sassy Single Saved LogoKind of a plucky name isn’t it? Well, would it surprise you that we all have the potential to be plucky women. Rant coming…It takes a lot to sit in church and hear sermons and have to pick apart the Word so we can get something out of a message that isn’t geared toward us. Week after week. We serve. We do. We give of ourselves, and yet…we’re afterthoughts, threats, or invisible…Rant done.

My rant, though, is why Sassy Single Saved was born. I wanted all of us single women to actually be seen. I mean, really seen for all of our amazing glory. We’re phenomenally whole, just as we are–so don’t let anyone tell you differently. For some reason, the church (and others, this isn’t just a “Christian” thing…but the church is notorious here) seems to think we aren’t whole until we’re married–that we don’t gain worth until we have a ring on our finger.

But we don’t need that ring to be worthy. We have so much that we have achieved with God and have he potential to achieve. We are college graduates with degrees in science, religion, education, marketing, and more. We are mechanics, business owners, single moms balancing a whole lot of work-life balance. We are smart, strong women who have paved our own paths with God at our side.

And they try to diminish all of that, for what? A marital status?

Think about this…do you want to be married because you really, really want to be married? Or do you want to be married, because the church has been drilling it into your head for so long that you should be married to live in God’s power?

The Bible never says anywhere that women should be meek little creatures waiting for a husband, because that’s when their lives begin.  There are so many strong women in the Bible that just live their lives, regardless of marital status. There are also women that some churches teach as meek, but when you dig deeper, you see that they are pretty strong, empowered women. We were never meant to hide, ladies. We have so much to provide, and God wants us to start…now.

So welcome to Sassy. Single. Saved. It’ is our place. Together.

The Change from Christian Single Ladies

Once upon a time this site was called Christian Single Ladies. It was a fun name, but we got completely spammed by men wanting us to find wives for them (and that’s a nice way of describing some of the comments…ewwww). Getting lumped in with all the dating sites was making us invisible again. Hence the name change.

Sassy. Single. Saved. is much more descriptive of who we are when we get past a certain age. We stop caring as much about being single and more about who we are as a person. We feel more whole. So we moved our tagline to the site name. Hopefully those “special wife” requests die down and we can get back to working on what’s really important–our faith and being amazing single women.

About Me

About MeSo, now you know why Sassy. Single. Saved. was born, but what about me? The founder. It sounds so weird. I never saw myself starting something like this, really. I’ve been a youth leader for years, worked for my church, wrote a Christian Teens column for a decade…but leading women? Nah. That’s wasn’t going to be my thing. It just wasn’t.

But God has a way of making certain things your thing, and I’m so happy He called me to this, because I’ve been on my soapbox about single women needing more from the church for decades.

I am single, in case you were wondering. I’m not some married woman preaching to you all about being single. On top of that, I’m a happily single Christian woman who is settled in her singleness. So yes. It’s been a road traveled for me, and you’ll see that come out in posts–but you’ll never hear me preach to you from a holier than thou place. It’s not who I am.

You’ll see that I’m a staunch feminist who believes in equity and equality. I follow a lot of news, and have a desire to help women grow stronger in both faith and themselves. I believe that women can do all the things men do, and that people are people. So, you’ll see that sassy attitude come out quite a bit. Saying all that, I’m just going to put out there that this will be an open and welcoming community to anyone that identifies as Christian, as a woman, and as single. We are here to love and support one another. I’ve never understood why it gets me in trouble sometimes, but it does.

Besides being an apparently troublemaking Christian woman, you’ll also find me making periodic references to living in California. I promise I’m not trying to rub in into you women having to experience winter! I just have no regrets about moving out west from Chicago over a decade ago except for missing my sister and nieces (oh, and the food. Gosh, I miss the food).

I have two dogs, Calleigh and Finn, and two cats, Miss Kitty and Catt Dillon. They are my babies, so yes, I’m one of THOSE women. You’ll probably find references to any of those items from time to time. I mean, who doesn’t want a good pet story, right??

I’m also a complete workaholic. Or maybe it’s a busybody. I don’t know what to call it when your brain doesn’t like to shut off, and you don’t like to stop doing things. Whether it’s the blog, my other blog and podcast on invisible illness (I have hEDS), regular work, crafting, or whatever–I don’t like downtime very much.

So that’s a little about me. I really do hope you get something out of Sassy Single Saved. and that it fills a need for all of you.