Meal Planning: How Long Will Food Last in the Freezer

Freezer Times

When you make meals for one, there always seem to be leftovers. Or you shop, and you have to buy enough for a family of four. So what do you do with that extra? Freeze it of course, because no one wants good food to go to waste. But we always end up questioning how long will food last in the freezer. I mean, can we really keep that chicken in there for 9 months and still eat it (cook it first, but sure)? Or should we freeze that salad (no…just no…salads do NOT thaw well, ladies!)?

There is a major food safety issue to consider for us. It’s not just not wanting food going to waste that we want to consider, but will that food be safe for us to consume after a period of time. We want to freeze things, because there’s only so many times you can eat some of that ONE meal throughout the week. And if you’re like me, you don’t know how to make a small batch of chili. It’s just NOT possible.

Wanting to know how long will food last in the freezer is important, but we can’t always keep the list memorized. That’s why I gathered together a handy list below:

Freezer Food List

Food ItemLength of Time
Poultry (raw)12 months
Beef (raw)4-12 months
Raw Fatty Fish (e.g. salmon, perch)2-3 months
Raw Lean Fish (e.g. haddock, sole)6 months
Raw Shellfish3-6 months
Ground Meat (raw)3-4 months
Pork (raw)4-12 months
Tofu3-5 months
Egg whites (yolks can freeze, but not well)12 months
Soups2-3 months
Cooked meat leftover2-6 months
Frozen pizza1-2 months
Cheese (excluding: Cottage cheese, cream cheese, feta, goat, fresh mozzarella, Neufch√Ętel, Parmesan, processed cheese)6 months
Butter6-9 months
Ice Cream1-2 months
Yogurt1-2 months
Fruit12 months
Avocados3 months
Bananas3 months
Citrus Fruit4-6 months
Fruit Juice8-12 months
Fruit pies (baked)2-3 months
Fruit pies (unbaked)8 months
Breads (yeast-based)6 months
Dough (yeast -based)2 weeks
Cookie Dough2 months
Luncheon Meat1-2 months

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