Our Vision Statement & Site Rules

Vision Statement

To give single Christian women a safe place to share their faith and have fellowship with one another.

Site Rules

Why do we have site rules? So everyone knows what is expected here and on all of our platforms. Because we have comments open on all of our posts, it’s important that we set rules on what is and isn’t allowed, and we want to communicate how we should all treat one another.

  1. Be kind. I don’t know why this has to be said, but in online forums it so often does. Even in Christian forums. So I’m saying it. Be kind to one another. Please. You can disagree. That’s fine. Plenty of people disagree with me. However, let’s disagree respectfully.
  2. Be honest and factual. I believe most people will be honest on here, and most people will speak on what they believe. However, I also want people to be factual in what they are saying. Back up your comments with facts. Knowing all the weird rumors, deep fakes, odd theories and more that are out there in the world, it’s important to be discerning. So be honest AND factual.
  3. Be accepting. So, this goes along with being kind, because I’m going to remind everyone again (and again and again) that we are an open and accepting environment. Identify as a woman? Are you single? Are you sassy? Are you Christian? Cool. Join in the discussion. The more diverse our community is, the more we learn about connection. It is amazing.
  4. Be a champion for one another. I love, love, love accomplishments. Truly encouraging one another is a favorite thing of mine. Ask anyone I’ve ever supervised. I’m ridiculous about it. So let’s be ridiculous about cheering one another on here. Let’s hold each other accountable. Let’s celebrate accomplishments. Let’s encourage one another. Pray for one another. Do it all. When people are down, listen. Be a faith champion.
  5. No selling, spam, or propositions. This rule will be policed, and your comment will be deleted and you will possibly be banned. We’re here to share our faith. This doesn’t mean we don’t recommend products or books or things from time to time. It just means you can’t come on here plugging your most recent book, snake oil, matchmaking service, etc.